Modern Day Uses Of Bicycle

June 17, 2021


In this world filled with traffic and motor vehicles, the cycle is becoming the best option for the short-distance commute. As more and more people are getting aware of the benefit that cycling possesses, not just to our health but even to the mother earth, it would not be wrong to say that soon each one of us will own a cycle.

Regular & Fitness

Looking to revamp your regular fitness regime by purchasing a new bicycle but still unaware of which things to keep in mind? Below are few preferable specifications you must choose at the time of picking up a new one.  

For regular usage purposes geared or gearless, both cycles are preferable. The seat should be at the same height as the handlebar. In the way of choosing tires, one should choose normal breadth. Mainly for regular fitness causes anybody can invest something between 7k to 15k where steel or carbon fiber body is surely a go-to choice. 

ExamplesHero Hawk Nuage 27T, Hercules street cat pro, BSA Photon Ex, etc.

Weekend exploration & Sporting

As a cyclist, there’s nothing like a long ride or sports to bring a sense of accomplishment, and of course, those require a certain level of endurance, and it’s best to work on gradually building your cycle matching with all those criteria.

In weekend-long trips or sports surely go for robust front brakes as they’ll help you to track the control. Choosing geared cycles with a standard gear ratio is mandatory to maintain wheel RPM. In the sports field (exp - BMX) some opt for a little more height of handlebar so that they can bend and use aerodynamics to increase speed. When you’re thinking about any adventurous expedition, the stiff and rigid build material is a choice for sure and Titanium or alloy-made body parts are always preferable. Here you will need speed to complete on time and thin tires with low rolling resistance which can handle a range of pressures will help you to do that. Generally speaking, pocket pinch must cross 15k to a few lakhs range to choose the best option here.

Example: Cannondale Trail 6, Montra Helicon Disc, Bianchi Area E-road Ultegra

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