6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone Below 20000

August 26, 2021


As smartphones have become an integral part of our life, we are now dependent on smartphones more than ever for most of our daily tasks ranging from things as small as setting alarms in the morning to attending a critical official meeting via video call. Due to this, India’s smartphone market registered its highest ever shipments in H1 2021.

With the new product launches, promotions, and financial schemes, as well as pent-up demand coming from 2020, the smartphone market saw major growth in Q1 2021. As there are multiple players in the market, the sheer number of choices can often leave you confused. So, it's now the right time to understand the things we should consider before buying a new smartphone. 

The Indian smartphone market is vast with a budget ranging from anywhere between INR 5000 and 1 lakh and there are many others that will cost you even more than that. But the most common budget that the Indian population seeks is around 20000. As smartphone companies are coming up with great features even on budget phones, people need not spend more than 20000 for common usages like browsing social media or regular online classes or even for playing regular games.

Even if your budget is around Rs. 20,000, you can easily find a diverse set of good smartphones with some really awesome specifications. Some of these features include high refresh rate displays, high-resolution multi-camera setups, new designs, long battery life, fast charging, ultra-wide lens for the camera, macro lenses, etc.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the main six features which are the true differentiating factors in today's smartphone industry i.e. Memory, Camera, Processor, Battery, Built Quality & Display, and Security features. (Also, you can check the best market fit mobiles under 20000 at the WishGee site & buy which best suits your choice at the best deal available. )


Phone memory consists of two main parts which are, RAM or Random Access Memory and ROM or Read-Only Memory. The Ram takes care of the operations & speed of the phone along with the processor. On the other side, ROM is mainly used for storage purposes. It is used to store all your videos, photos, songs, OS, apps, and more. 

In mobiles under the 20000 budget range, some of the great Ram+Rom combos which are available in the Indian market are:

At least: 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM - Redmi Note 9 Pro,
Common: 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM - Oppo A74 5G
At-Max: 8GB and 128GB - Samsung Galaxy M32


The camera is not only a single feature in the Gen Y / Gen Z smartphone market, it holds the capability to manipulate the market share of any mobile company. Also, not just megapixels, there are a few more important specifications such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus to consider. Also, those days are gone when a 10MP rear camera with a 2MP selfie camera is used to dominate the market in this budget. After customers became more camera-focused triple or quad setup 48MP or 64M or 108MP rear camera with 20MP or 32MP selfie camera are new things.

Some good mobiles under 20000 with best camera specifications are:

Average: 48MP triple rear camera + 20MP front camera - Samsung Galaxy M21 (2021 edition)
Good: 64MP quad read camera + 13MP front camera - Redmi Note 10S
Best: 108MP Quad rear camera + 16MP front camera - Redmi Note 10 Pro Max,


Processors are the backbone of the phone's operations and several features like OS version, UI, bloatware have the controlling power of processing speed. So, high-level faster processors with more speed can be beneficial for the people who are buying a mobile under 20000. In this range, one can easily get processors in Qualcomm SD 600 series or MediaTek Helio G series or more than that. MediaTek's new mid-range chipsets are very good for gaming where SD processors are better in overall performance. Smartphones powered by MediaTek chipsets are slightly cheaper than their Snapdragon counterparts in this budget.

We have listed few smartphones in below 20000 budget which comes with faster processors with high clock speed, those are-

Normal: Qualcomm SD 662 - Redmi 9 Power,
Average: MediaTek Helio G95 - Realme Nazro 30,
Fastest: Qualcomn SD 768G 5G - IQOO Z3 5G,


For running a phone in long term, a good battery with higher mAh is always needed when we use multiple apps overlapping each other. As we all are becoming more and more efficient with using high-end apps & games, we must consider the battery of a smartphone as one of the key factors. In today's market, phones are available with 4000mAh or more lithium-polymer batteries which last long.

Few examples of phones with 4000mAh, 5000mAh or even 6000mAh battery in this much budget of below 20000 are:

Good: 4500mAh - Vivo S1,
Better: 5000mAh - Oppo A74 5G,
Best: 7000mAh - Samsung Galaxy M51

Display & Build Quality

When we are talking about the display of any smartphone the main 2 things which came in our mind are screen size and resolution. But, refresh rate is also much important to consider as we all love a smooth experience in the time of scrolling news feed or switching from one app to another. More than a 6-inch screen is normal in today's market but it makes the handset extra bulky, but also difficult to carry around. HD or FHD resolution can be available in this range.

Glass, metal & plastic are the main 3 types of material that are used to build the body. Generally, glass-based phones can shatter, whereas metal and plastic built phones can absorb the impact of drops from some feet height also.

The available phones with bigger screen sizes & good build quality in this budget are:

Normal: 6.5-inch screen size - Nokia G20,
Bigger: 6.67-inch screen size - Redmi Note 10 Pro.
Biggest: 6.95-inch screen size - Tecno Pova 2.


Not only the government but the manufacturers of smartphones are also aware of the privacy of end-users. Smartphone security features such as fingerprint sensors, face unlock or iris sensors provide much-needed security to your phones. In phones face unlocking & fingerprint sensor works like a barrier whenever an unknown entity will try to break into your phone.

Some power-packed security-enabled mobiles under 20000 are:

Fast Face Unlock - Samsung Galaxy M51,
Side fingerprint sensor - Vivo Y20G.

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